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Creator Showcase – JKartcz – Pyrographer Extraordinaire

Pyrography, also known as wood burning, is a form of art that involves using a heated tool to burn designs onto wood, leather, or other materials. JKartcz’s shop on Etsy specializes in this type of art, with a focus on Viking and pagan imagery. His stylized approach to these themes likely adds a unique and modern touch to traditional motifs, making his work stand out and appealing to those interested in these themes. It’s a great platform for him to showcase and sell his work to a wider audience.

He has a unique technique that is almost akin to comic book art, but made with a pyrography tool on large panels of wood. His work is rich in symbolism and style, covering a range of Viking characters and myths, and iconography. Gods like Odin and Thor, wild creatures such as bears and wolves, Celtic patterns and myths and legend all inform the work made by this talented artist. He says this about it:

“In these works, I capture the essence of my favorite tales and characters so that other mythology buffs and Viking enthusiasts, like me, can feel like they are holding a real artefact from times when Thor made thunder with his hammer, Loki played his games and tricks, and Odin and his raven watched over all.”


I really admire the graphic nature of the work, the bold characters and lines, the patterns and the composition. I would be thrilled to have any one of these pieces featured here on my wall. See what you think though – is this Norse fan your cup of tea? Are you partial to a bit of Celtic mythology? Do you love the graphic nature of burnt wood? Well, take a quick look below, and if it piques your fancy, then you can see a lot more pieces over at Etsy, JKartcz currently has a massive selection available to buy in his shop which you can visit by clicking here.

JKartcz - Cerunnos
Cernunnos by JKartcz – Visit Page Here
JKartcz - Alpha Male
Alpha Male by JKartcz – Visit Page Here
JKartcz - Thor Battle
Thor Battle by JKartcz – Visit Page Here
JKartcz - Odin
Odin by JKartcz – Visit Page Here

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